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Good evening, loyal readers.

Instead of incessantly posting everything I write to this here site (and consequently flooding your feeds and inboxes in the process), I’m just going to do a little weekly segment listing where some of my work has appeared (if any) around the ‘ol internet the previous week. So, onto the main event.

Nothing Has A Soul Like A Vincent ’52” (10/16 — The Music Brewery): a brief Throwback Thursday edition celebrating one of Richard Thompson’s greatest songs.

Pearl Jam Still Rocking and Eddie Vedder is Still Anti-War‘ (10/15 — The Music Brewery): short review of one of the Pearl Jam concerts I recently attended in St. Louis, MO.

Epiphany Moments‘ (10/14 — First Presbyterian Church, Lincoln, IL): A short reflection written after I tagged along with a small group from the church for a two-day monastic retreat.

Here’s to “faking it ’til you make it.”

Setlist: October 18, 2014; Effingham, IL

Joe Sippers Cafe

1. The Balloonist
2. Sailing
3. Simulation Avenue
4. Pioneering
5. Streetcorner Rainstorm
6. Privateering (Mark Knopfler)
7. Madame Geneva’s (Mark Knopfler)
8. Metropolitan Guide
9. Ships & Stones
10. Little Plane
11. Call the Rain Down
12. The Parting Glass (trad)

Setlist: October 18, 2014; Effingham, IL

Farmers’ Market

1. Wayfaring Stranger (trad)
2. Lullaby #12
3. Goodnight, Cincinnati
4. Metropolitan Guide
5. Streetcorner Rainstorm
6. The Balloonist
7. Sailing
8. Simulation Avenue
9. The Gardener (The Tallest Man on Earth)
10. The Parting Glass (trad)


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