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Simulation Avenue Pre-Orders!

If, like me, you still enjoy having hard copies of the music you listen to, you can now pre-order Simulation Avenue, which is set for release on March 1st. You’ll get an immediate download of “The New Attractions,” will receive the full digital album first thing on March 1st, and will receive your hard copy on/around the same date. Presuming all of my shipments come in on time, I’m hoping the benefit of the pre-order ends up being that you will actually get the record a day or so early. Because, really, why pre-order at all then if not for some benefit?

Pre-Order Here

So if you plan on buying the record (the digital downloads are always free if you don’t want hard copies), know that your pre-orders help the process tremendously. And thank you for supporting this particular independent musician.

Enjoy the record.